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World Health Mall Mini Minerals


"Watch crystals become mini minerals (ionic angstrom minerals)", narrated by Jim Hazinger, Founder, WorldHealthMall.com and he shares his opinion below on how to take Mini-Minerals” 

How much mini minerals (ionic angstrom minerals) should we to take, and how do we convert from standard milligrams to ionic angstrom mini minerals?

  • "When the recommended milligram system was set up well over a half century ago, the available minerals were not very absorbable so very high milligrams had to be recommended just to get a little to be absorbed. When using complex or colloidal elements, it is estimated that the human biology will be able to breakdown and absorb at best maybe 5%."
  • "So, if the recommended dose is 2,000mg’s daily of a complex element, to derive the approximate need of a mono-atomic element, multiply by 1% probable absorption to get the answer. 2,000 X 1% = 20mg. So, 20mg’s of Mini-minerals in the right form & right size may be better than 2,000mg in the wrong form."


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