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Metamin CalGold, Liquid Ionic Angstrom Minerals (16, 32 or 128 Ounce Size)


Metamin CalGold, Liquid Ionic Angstrom Minerals (16, 32 or 128 Ounce Size)

MTM CalGold

Product Description

This formula is known by many as an excellent sleep-aid. 

CalGold is an ionic angstrom liquid mineral formula containing Calcium and Gold

Calcium is used in forming bones and teeth. It is also important in nerve impulse transmission, blood coagulation, muscle contraction, and the synthesis and secretion and of neuro-transmitters, hormones and enzymes. Calcium helps regulate muscle tone and the heartbeat. Calcium is alkaline, thereby enhancing immune response. vitamin D (sunshine) and magnesium are essential to the proper absorption and assimilation of calcium.

Calcium is one of the most essential of the major biochemical elements needed in human nutrition. It is needed in every organ of the body, including the brain. Calcium is called the “knitter” because it promotes normal restoration and the repair processes, or knitting, everywhere in the body. It is valuable for tone, power, strength, longevity, vitality, and endurance. It buffers the acidity in the body and helping regulate your metabolism. Because it is used in almost every bodily function, calcium supplementation may be important for optimal health. It is one of the first elements that is effected by poor dietary choices. Magnesium, boron and Vitamin D increase calcium absorption while sodium helps keep calcium in soluble form in the body (it must be water soluble to be useable). Pure water-soluble calcium is the preferred form. This mineral is necessary to maintain the proper pH balance. Calcium is stored in the blood and teeth, as well as in the nerves, muscles and tissues. Natural sources of calcium are bran, cheese, raw milk, figs, prunes, dates, onions, vegetable greens, kidney and soybeans, lentils, molasses, salmon, sardines, and shellfish.

Gold, although having no known biochemical functions, has a long history of therapeutic use. It promotes a sense of well-being and vitality, stimulates healing, and is reportedly effective against joint inflammation

Gold stimulates a general feeling of well-being, supports the immune system, and promotes vitality and longevity. Gold has been found to improve glandular function. It helps the body to relax. Some people report that after taking gold for an extended period of time, it raises energy levels. It is believed that gold can protect cartilage, bone, and connective tissue. Gold is used in modern civilization when certain agents are not effective in promoting healthy joints. It is also believed that gold can support heart rhythm and intelligence, as well as maintaining healthy DNA.

Metamin Quality: Metamin Minerals line of liquid minerals are manufactured in the U.S. and we believe they are among the most effective products in the world.

The products' effectiveness is distinguished by three unique characteristics of Metamin Absorbable liquid ionic angstrom minerals: Ionic angstrom sized mineral particles, Double reverse osmosis water, and Zero-point technology.

Employing a patent pending process that breaks down minerals into the smallest size ever achieved ensures maximum absorption of the minerals at the CELLULAR LEVEL in a PRE-DIGESTIVE STATE. This process and these unique factors ensure Metamin Minerals are in the right form, the right size and water soluble, plus a 98% rate of absorption. The minerals do not require digestion or enzyme activity. They are immediately active and available for absorption.

DISCLAIMER: All information is provided for informational purposes only and is not meant or implied to be prescription or to substitute the professional advice provided by your own physician or other medical professional. The information in this article is not necessarily the viewpoints of, Metamin Minerals, and associated companies. Under no circumstances should the information contained herein be used for the purposes of diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease, or prescribing any medication. If you suspect that you have a medical problem, promptly contact your health care provider. Information and statements regarding any of the listed products or services have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Before consumption of any product remember to first read the packaging inserts & labeling carefully.

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